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Работа по снижению влияния на окружающую среду 

ECCO Finishing is dedicated to help its customers to reduce overspray and VOC impact on the environment. Our product development focus on high quality as well as sustainable products, causing smallest possible environmental impact, both when being manufactured and when running in production. ECCO Finishing AB is certified according to the environmental standards ISO-14001. See our Environmental certificate according to standards ISO-14001 here...


Цели компании по защите окружающей среды в 2013 году

During 2012 we continue our work to reduce the negative effects which the Ecco products have on the environment. Focus in 2012 is to reduce the consumption of electricity by 30% by changing both heating and lightning systems at the head office in Sweden. In our product development will constantly work to design new products which are saving paint and solvent when running in production. When choosing suppliers and production methods we will choose those who have the least negative effect on the environment.  

The environmental aspects have been identified and the goals are set to reduce the products negative effects

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