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Для распыления абразивосодержащих материалов.

Автоматический пистолет установленный на реципрокаторе

The Ecco spray guns are, thanks to their robust design, resistant to the extremely hard wear from the types of fluids sprayed in the ceramic industry. The unique fluid needle packing system of the Ecco spray guns offer extended service without leakage. The high resistance towards abrasive fluid is typical for all Ecco spray guns, and depends mainly on the material in the gun body and on the design and positions of the fluid channels. The spray guns are, in addition to steel needle, also available with fluid needle and fluid nozzle in tungsten carbide for very abrasive materials like glaze and vitreous enamel.
For supplying all types of material to the spray guns in the ceramic industry, the Ecco Flow diaphragm pump PN15 is used. Within the ceramic industry, Ecco guns and pumps are used for several different areas, for example spraying on ceramic tiles, on china or on sanitary products.

Распыление на керамическую плитку.

When spraying any type of abrasive fluid on ceramic tiles some of the automatic spray guns Ecco 40DA, 40FA, Ecco 60AS, 65AS or Ecco 71FA are recommended. Depending on what material is used, the fluid nozzle and needle can be made in steel or in tungsten carbide. For spraying of abrasive materials the airless spray tip EccoMant in tungsten carbide, mounted on any simple type of “spray gun” is a well known solution, especially for continuous spraying on ceramic products. EccoMant spray tips give a uniform spray pattern and extended service life.  

Spraying on porcelain or sanitary ware

Ручное окрашивание керамических изделий

On sanitary ware, like water closets and wash basins, highly abrasive materials like glaze is sprayed on the product in several layers. For spraying of glaze with fixed automatic installations, Ecco 40DA is frequently used, normally equipped with a tungsten carbide nozzle. For manual applications, Ecco 40S/65S with tungsten carbide needle and nozzle is used.

On modern robot installations for spraying glaze on sanitary ware, the automatic spray guns Ecco 70AS or Ecco 75AP with tungsten carbide or ceramic needle and nozzle is a perfect solution, with or without circulation. Ecco 70AS/75AP is capable of handling material fluids up to 7 kilos per minute. The stable and precise spraying result gives a high quality finish and a minimum of production stops.

An Ecco gun, equipped with tungsten carbide needle and nozzle, can spray the most abrasive and wearing materials.

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